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About LearnBtctrade Academy

We are a team, passionate about teaching and educating people on how to make money from the blockchain market through trading and investing in crypto currency. This comes in the form of teaching you how to trade from Beginner's level to Becoming a professional trader in the crypto space. We also deliver daily signals to trade with and make profit, provide you with latest news and updates on the various cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology.


Learnbtctrade will educate you through our social media platforms because it is no doubt that an enormous number of the population worldwide uses social media, organize monthly conferences across various tertiary institutions which is targeted at reaching the youths on campuses.

Through our online and offline outreaches, we capture the interest of our youths on the essence and benefits of trading, investments, and lots more which involves the financial market and Blockchain.

Learnbtctrade design courses for our ever increasing students and customers which take them through the beginners to professional level, and other packages at an affordable price. By doing this, we create a long lasting impact on the society. Learnbtctrade is not just a profit making company; we are a brand!


Our vision is geared towards educating and tutoring the youths in Africa and the world at large on the financial opportunity or gains from the Blockchain Industry.

By being fully involved in this sector, our youths can make money for themselves right from the comfort of their homes without depending on a white collar job. The world is a digital place now; and, making so much money without having to leave your house to an office or a physical market is just a prove the Blockchain Industry is a digitalized sector.

We have a vision of living in the world of today and making an impact out of it. Our target is reach over 1 million people with this unique opportunity to help foster financial freedom in the African continent and world at large.

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  • Learnbtctrade Academy Services
  • Free Beginners Training Class On A Closed WhatsApp Group
  • Professional Training Course On Trading
  • Mentorship Program And Coaching
  • Daily Signals For Trading
  • Real Time Crypto And Blockchain News
  • Latest Update in The Crypto and Blockchain Industry
  • Real Time Charts of Cryptocurrencies price value
  • Crypto & Blockchain Education
  • Crypto Airdrops

Meet The Team

Our team of talent driven, professionals

Emmanuel Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Emmanuel Uko

Head of Administration

Alexander Agbu

Chief Technical Analyst

Technical & Fundamental Analysis Department

The Branding Department