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They’re both pretty good. For the average person who wants to learn the market at their own pace and speed, the free online course is the one for you. You can watch videos and interact with the community via the social timeline whenever you choose. For those who want to learn the market at a faster level, our MINI/ADVANCED course is for you.

However, with our Mini course you can be guranteed of making good profits from the cryptocurrency market. And in a case whereby you want to futher your knowledge to a more professional level, our Advanced Crypto-currency trading course provides you with all you need to attain such height.

The free online course is more of a “self-taught” formula, where we give you access to the entire library which includes videos and written content, access to the social timeline, and more. Moreover, the ADVANCED gives you access to more advanced strategies on how to trade. We provide you with set of videos that are NOT seen in the free online course, access to webinars, weekly/monthly prizes for outstanding students, and so much more.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to give you access to the course without full payment. However, If you ever wish to enjoy discount prices for any of our courses; do well to constantly check the site as we'll be offering discount rates for courses time to time.

It’ll probably take you about 3-4 weeks to fully watch every single thing. You of course can choose to watch it all in a matter of days, but you won’t retain much because of how much information you’re going through in 2 days. We recommend taking your time, watch a few videos a day, and study over t ime so everything clicks.

Yes, there is. Everything ranging from course tutorials, videos, resources and assignments will all take place online on our website. Then on completion of your course , you'll be added to a whatsapp group with a tutor to guide you through. The aim of this is to help newbies learn from other students' questions and get to engage well with their tutor.

There are no refunds. Please make sure you read all the features, read what the course entails, and make sure it’s something you want! There’s so much great content in there we're confident you won’t regret your decision enroling for any of our courses.

From the beginning! This may seem like an obvious question but I get this question a lot. The course currently has SEVERAL LEVELS with videos per level. And to get video(s) for the next section, a compulsory assignment will be given by your course tutor before you progress. DON'T GET OFFENDED. Your progress is our utmost joy and we're able to track that with the given assignments for each section.

For enquiries, you can always our customer care support on the website or message: on whatsapp.

Yes. For our students, we provide free 1 month access to our VIP signal group. And for interested persons that are not enroled for any of our courses, please do well to check our plans on the 'pricing and plans' page.