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Without the global retail trader base, the Bitcoin market would not be what it is today: The investment champion of 2020.

Retail traders, not hotshots like MicroStrategy, made Bitcoin in 2020.

The twists and turns of 2020 made it arguably the best year on record to be a trader, especially if you were involved in cryptocurrencies. May’s third Bitcoin halving, coupled with the euphoric market volatility that swept global markets, made 2020 a year of gains and opportunities for crypto traders.

By November, it was already clear Bitcoin (BTC) and other major cryptocurrencies had cemented their status as a recognized asset class among retail and institutional traders alike, having outshined all other major asset classes in the world. Bitcoin’s renewed bull run deservedly grabbed the headlines across mainstream finance and made the global retail crypto trader the champion of 2020 in the investment world.
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Unlike the gains in mainstream financial markets, crypto’s bull run did not evolve from the massive stimulus packages unleashed by governments and central banks that helped prop up equity and bond valuations. Bitcoin increased organically thanks to a growing global retail base, compelled by the asset’s growing allure as a store of value.

Above all, crypto’s global accessibility meant retail traders across the world were able to have their voices heard beyond the crypto ecosystem. Crypto’s universality provided a growing pool of traders with the means to express their market positions and uncover newfound market opportunities. It is no coincidence then that Bitcoin finished as the best performing asset class of 2020 — in no small part, due to the newfound aspirations, entrepreneurialism and risk-taking of the global retail crypto trader.

The 24/7 nature of crypto plays into traders’ hands
The evolving 24/7 nature of the crypto market allowed traders from anywhere in the world, at any time, to capitalize on the increase in market volatility throughout 2020. In this way, the year’s energetic markets created a unique backdrop to play the markets, assisted by the growing sophistication of new trading products and services. In this evolving market landscape, global crypto retail traders began to capture the headlines in mainstream investment circles once again.

With Bitcoin’s market capitalization surpassing over $350 billion in November, crypto captured volatility better than many had anticipated. As a result, crypto proved to be a hugely efficient asset for global retail traders to successfully navigate the economic and political uncertainties of 2020 — a trend that should continue into 2021

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