The New Month Message

The New Month Message

Don't use All Your Capital To Trade A Single Position On Futures.

Set Stop Loss & Take Profits.

Have Or Develop Your Trading Strategy i.e personal Take Profits levels.

Diversify your trading funds and don't put all ur eggs in one Basket Trading Futures Alone: Trade Spot Exchange, Trade Dex Calls, Trade Futures.  Distrubute your capital across all trading exchange's Above.

Know your personality, if Futures Trading Doesn't Work for you and affects Your Emotions, then don't trade it, you can trade Cross Margin Trading.

Be a smart Trader and Know when to leave or Take Profits and enter a Trade. 

Learn Learn Learn About Crypto Trading And Be Good And Efficient At It.

Take Your Courses And Do Your Course Assignments and submit It. If You haven't completed ur assignment , Study Hard. 

Learn and Complete your courses on technical analysis and fundamental analysis.

Manage Your Risk Properly.

Learn More And More.

Grow And Get Better Guy's.

Be Satisfied With Profits You See And Don't Be Greedy.

Knowledge First Before Money 💰🤑

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