New york Mayor Elect wants Cryptocurrency in School Curriculum

New york Mayor Elect wants Cryptocurrency in School Curriculum

Mayor Eric Adam's, newly elected Mayor in New York City, wants schools in New York to incorporate cryptocurrency studies in their school curricula.

Speaking during an interview session with CNN, he described the importance of the new generation to learn about Cryptocurrency also the importance of the adoption of the blockchain technology to teach them the new way of thinking.

Eric Adam's also showed his dissatisfaction of the low awareness of cryptocurrency among youths in his constituency. During an awareness when he talked about Bitcoin, many youths didn't even have an idea on what cryptocurrency

Crypto studies “must’ become incorporated into school curricula, asserting that new investors must be equipped with “an open mind and sufficient knowledge” before braving the digital asset markets.

The Mayor plans to encourage New York businesses to accept Bitcoin payment and altcoins as form of payment in various stores to help in the growth of cryptocurrency in the state. 

The statement from the Mayor Elect has left many in the Cryptocurrency community speechless and excited. But many has come out to criticize the statement from the Democrat Mayor. 

Harvard economist Jason Furman recently tweeted condemning the Mayor praise for the digital assets and also he urge the Mayor to stick to his job description rather than start pumping praise on the Digital assets. 

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